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    Lost in the Mushroom Kingdom



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    Lost in the Mushroom Kingdom

    Post  BouncyTH on Tue Apr 07, 2009 5:50 pm

    In this roleplay, a pipe appears in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario jumps inside it and end's up in another world. He get's confused but he reliazes who's world this is. He then decides to kidnap Tails to lure Sonic in to his world. A few other's join in as well.

    You can use Sonic characters, Mario Characters or fan characters.

    I will use Bouncy, Sonic, Manic and Yoshi.

    We need a Mario, a Sonic and a Tails before we start. (I am already Sonic though)

    (Yes this is just a copy/paste from another

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    Re: Lost in the Mushroom Kingdom

    Post  bella on Thu Apr 09, 2009 12:32 am

    ok ill be my character named poisen, she is realy nice despite her name, and is from sonics world, she is human and is from britan,


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    Re: Lost in the Mushroom Kingdom

    Post  BouncyTH on Sun Apr 12, 2009 11:21 am

    (I guess I am gonna have to be Mario and Tails then)

    In Sonic's world

    Someone jumped out of a pipe. Someone wen't towards Sonic's house. Sonic was sleeping. The person tried to open the door but it was broken. The person tried opening every door but they where all locked but he saw some keys on the ground. The person looked at them and they said "Tails" on them. Mario then opened the front door. Tails couldn't get to sleep because he was worrying. Tails said "I think I left my key's outside. I got to go get th..." Then suddenly he got grabbed by the person. He screamed. The person then grabbed Tails and jumped in the pipe. Manic woke up hearing the scream, Manic saw a pipe and headed towards it. And jumped down it.

    In Marios world.

    Yoshi was walking around. It was nightime but Yoshi wasn't in the mood to sleep. Yoshi said "I wonder what Mario's up to." Yoshi kept walking ahead. Yoshi saw someone jump out a pipe carrying someone. Yoshi said "Huh" Yoshi ran towards the person as fast as possible but got punched in the faced by the person and was knocked out.

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    Re: Lost in the Mushroom Kingdom

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