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    Hedgehog's vs Fox's


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    Hedgehog's vs Fox's Empty Hedgehog's vs Fox's

    Post  BouncyTH on Mon Apr 13, 2009 5:44 pm

    Yes this a copy paste from another fourm.

    It's hard to explain the story so basically Sonic and Tails end up in a war. This will be explained in the intro so I am just gonna post that now.


    Eggman's robotic machine grabs Sonic by the neck nearly about to kill him but Tails flys above the robots head and hits the self destruct switch. The robot blows up. Tails's grabs Sonic when he is sen't flying. Sonic said "Tails thanks for saving my life" But of course Sonic get's all the fame. Sonic stood there as the media are all around him while Tails is left alone. Sonic speed's off. Tails stood there.

    A few hours later Sonic was talking to himself. "Tails.. He is always getting left out but I think it's because he is always with me" Tails start's hearing something and puts his ear at the keyhole. "I am just getting a bit sick of him always being near me." With that Tails storms.



    - MOST hedgehogs are on Sonic's side and MOST Fox's are on Tails side. I said MOST not ALL some could be on the other's side. Any other speices can choise what side they are on.

    - Normal rules apply

    - I only controled Sonic and Tails for the intro. Some one else can control them

    - Fan characters AND offical characters aloud.

    Name: Bouncy
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    Hedgehog's vs Fox's Empty Re: Hedgehog's vs Fox's

    Post  Wolfgurl on Sun May 31, 2009 5:43 pm

    Hey there I'll join, dang this site is dying!

    Name: Alexis
    Species: Hedghog (you might remember Alexis from a few rp's in =SB= ...)
    Side: None (if we have to choose a side then Sonic no offence Tails...)

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